Right now kidney transplant is a breakthrough in modern medical science. This keeps us away from those thick wired refrigerators that suck our impure blood and give back purified blood. If we are diagnosed early on with any kidney disease, there are many preventive measures that can work as treatment; however, the quality of life does not stay the same.There is a grave need to find the root cause of kidney diseases rather than focus on preventive treatment.

Most of the time, a kidney disease destroys the kidney filters called glomerulus. There has not been done enough research in the field how these filters get destroyed and how we can prevent or reverse the effect of impacted filters.

Our mission is to work on this research and identify all possible causes that body undergoes through and what can be done to prevent this process or reverse this process, so that millions of lives could be saved and we proudly eradicate a kidney disease that is a threat to mankind in our modern age.